You can certainly attend an event or two with us to see if you fit in before paying any dues or even joining the organization. We know that you have options, especially in the DC/MD/VA area. We’d love to meet you first. Reach out using the references here to get in contact with us.

Otherwise, if you are a woman pilot (student or certified) who wishes to join our 501c3 organization, please visit and fill out an application (there is a fee) and select the Old Dominion 99s as your chapter. International 99s membership is a prerequisite to formally joining the chapter.

Annual Chapter Dues are $25 annually, payable to the chapter. Dues collected are placed into the chapter’s accounts, and are used to pay for expenses such as this website, educational materials, and for other charges related to organizing events. For more information on paying chapter dues, please reach out to Barbara Wilper, our treasurer and membership chair, at